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Education System

There are about 30 Government secondary schools and over 120 Government primary schools in Brunei, as well as a number of private schools. The University of Brunei Darussalam also offers degrees in English and Malay medium subjects.

From Grade 1 of Primary school onwards, students in Bruneian schools study English Language, Mathematics, ICT and Science through the medium of English. Subjects such as Malay Language, Malay Islamic Monarchy, Religious Studies, Physical Education and Art are in Malay-medium. Geography is English-medium from Grade 4. History is taught in Malay in primary school and in English in Secondary school.

CfBT has been supporting the Ministry of Education of Brunei Darussalam since 1985. Over 250 British, Irish, Australian, South African, New Zealander and Canadian teachers of English as a Foreign Language are managed and supported by CfBT in Government Primary and Secondary schools and other departments, in support of the Government’s bi-lingual Education policy.

CfBT supports all teachers of English in Brunei through training and workshop programmes, conferences, materials development and publishing projects and three Education Centres, containing books, journals and teaching resources, computers, reprographic facilities, internet and other services.

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